Forecast variables

Updated 11/9/20 durch Leigh Hutchens

Forecast variables are what drives the staffing needs. Several can be configured to drive staffing in Quinyx according to the organisations needs.

To be able to add a variable the Module Forecast needs to be activated for you organisation and you need to have the role of an Account manager

  • From account settings
  • Go to Forecast   Variables
  • Click add


This is the name of the variable eg the driver you want to use Eg. Net sales incl VAT if that will be the data you will use connected to this driver.


You choose here on what resolution you will send in or use your data on the lowest level. If you will send in one value per hour you should choose 60 min. If you will send in per 15 minutes you should choose 15 min.

Resolution cannot be changed at a later date so please make sure you add a value here that corresponds with the granularity of the data you are going to upload


This is the description for the variable to be able to identify it easily in the variable list if you have multiple variables


This is the type of the variable and for configuration uses and statistical use in analytics the appropriate type should be used that corresponds to your driver Eg Net sales incl VAT should be connected to Net sales whereas Gross sales incl TIP should be gross sales


Not used currently but will reflect currency or similar in future views

External ID

This is the External ID for the variable. This is one of the items an integrator would need to upload the correct data towards the correct Variable in Quinyx. Eg in the data warehouse for the POS system (point of sales) the corresponding number for Net sales incl VAT is P3201. That number should then be entered as the external ID

After you have added variables corresponding to the data that you will send into Quinyx you can continue to configure or edit your forecast configuration on account manager level.

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