Employee Cards - Communicate

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  • Address, Mobile no.: These are voluntary fields
  • Email address: Enter the employee's email address: The email address is used as a username when logging in to Quinyx.

Note that an email address must be unique in Quinyx.

If an email address is already entered in Quinyx, you will receive an error message indicating that this email address has already been used.

When this happens, you will need to apply one of the following points:

  • Use a different email address
  • Ask the employee to get in touch with their previous employer and ask them to change the email address in the employee's employee card
  • If the employee is using an email account from Google, Yahoo or Hotmail you can instead add +example to the email address in order to make it unique, firstname.surname+example@gmail.com (marie.månsson+1@gmail.com). Emails sent will then still reach the employee.
  • Send notification by: You can select here the information channel which will mainly be used for the employee. The default setting is that information is sent by QMail. Our mobile app includes support for push notifications when QMail is received.

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