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Just like in Schedule, Base Schedule features filters to allow you to specify what you want to see by removing everything in the view except what you have filtered on.

How to find the filter options:

  1. Go to the base schedule of your choice
  2. Click on the "filter icon" in the menu. Note that the number on the filter icon indicates how many filter selections currently are active in the view.

We offer the following filter options in base schedule:



Schedule items

Shifts, tasks, unavailability according to agreement. Note: As Base Schedule doesn't feature dates, unavailability according to agreement is the only type of unavailability in Schedule available in Base Schedule.

Shift type

Shift types.

Employee status

Show only employees that either do have or that do not have at least one schedule item. Tip: Combine this filter option with the "Schedule items" option to, for instance, show only employees with one or more shifts.

Home unit

Show only employees whose home unit corresponds to the selection made.

Employee section

Filter employees based on them belonging to a specific section. An employee belongs to a section if (s)he has the "Employee" role directly on that section. In the dropdown menu appearing in this field, the name of the parent unit appears after that of the section. If you select multiple sections in this field, the base schedule will display all employees belonging to any of those sections.

Shift section

Filter shifts based on the section they take place on.


Employees, plus shared employees.

The first time you go into the base schedule view you will see everything you can see in the schedule, i.e. no filters are pre-selected in the view.

You can always search for filter options. Let's say you want to search for a specific shift type type, then you search for that shift type directly in the filter drop-down by typing in that field.

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