Reduction of Nominal Hours on a Bank Holiday

Updated 11 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

When adding a bank holiday to Quinyx, you decide decide if the bank holiday should reduce the nominal hours of the employee, or if the nominal hours should remain independent of the bank holiday

If you enter a reduction on the bank holiday of 100%, Quinyx will automatically reduce the employees nominal hours with 100% of the nominal hours per day from the calculation period

This reduction will be done on each bank holiday, independent of the employee being scheduled on the bank holiday or not.

For example, generally office workers, who do not work on bank holidays would have 100% set, whereas operational staff who do would not have there nominal hours reduced (0%). 


If you have a full-time employment of 168 in January 2018, your nominal hours per day is 8 hours.

This mean that the nominal hours for January will be reduced with 8 hours per bank holiday with 100% reduction.

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