Can I Change Settings on Multiple Shifts at Once?

Updated 1 month ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

If you want, you can change settings for a shift type and update already scheduled shifts.

  1. Go to Schedule > Shift types
  2. Make changes to the shift type
  3. Check the box Update shifts and schedules
  4. Save
  5. Tick the boxes for options you wish to update (Shifts, Fixed schedules, pattern schedule and so on) and what you have updated, in this case Shift Start Time
  6. Click on "Check what can be updated"
  7. You will see a list of all the shifts, fixed schedules and pattern schedules that can be updated and you can choose which ones you wish to update. 
  8. Click Update selected shifts
  9. Done!
You can only update shifts in the future, not shifts in the past. 

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