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This article relates to Classic.

With the reminders function, you can have automatic reminders sent out as a Qmail, Email or SMS when certain parameters are fullfilled.

Where can I find this function?

You can find the Reminders function in Settings -> Reminders


In order to make the messages more personal and informative, you can use a few Macros to automatically enter some information in the message being sent.

Please note that these macros only work with the Reminders function, not when sending normal Qmail.





Prints the employee first name



Prints the employee last name



Prints the employee Badge.No



Prints the employees home unit     


Good to know

When using the parameter "Leavetype occurrence and duration", the reminders function works a bit different from the much more straightforward attestation reminders



Will a message be sent if you have the absence and then add the message to Reminders?

The reminder look at all leaves with the selected leave reason  in the time period and will send the message.

If you set it to count 30 days back in time,
will it count current day as day 1?

Yes, it will take current day and then count 29 days back in time.

If you set the reminders to send on 1 day
will it send each time the employee reach 1 day?

No, the Reminders will send one reminder for each time period. This mean that only 1 Qmail will be sent.

If you edit a Reminder that already have tried sending a notice, will it resend all the notices?

No, the reminder will not resend those leaves it have previously tried to sent or have already sent. 
To send the same leaves again, you have to create a new Reminder

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