Changing the Static IP of an Maximus Terminal

Updated 11 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

When using a timepunch terminal of the Maximus model, you might need to enter a static IP-address for the terminal.

In order to set up a static IP-address, press and hold Clear and Enter at the same time for a few seconds, this will bring up the Menu system.

Now, use the F-keys to navigate the menu

  • Press F7 – (Test, Setup, Diagnostics)
  • Press F1 – (Setup mode)
  • Press F2 – (Setup TCP/IP Wifi)
  • Press F2 – (Second box to the left on the display should now show “Static IP”. If not, press F2 again until it show.)
  • Press F3 – (IP addresses)
  • Press F1 – Enter
  • Press F2 – Enter the local static IP-address for the terminal
  • Press F3 – Enter the router-address (Gateway-IP)
  • Press F5 – Enter the IP-address SubMask (Usually:
  • Press F8 – Exit Setup
  • Press F4 – Restart - The terminal should now come online once it is fully restarted

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