Good to Know When Moving an Employee

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This article relates to Classic.

When you move an employee there are e few things to consider:

  • Does the employee have any shifts scheduled in the future?
  • Does the employee have a fixed schedule that you wish to move as well? 

If an employee has shifts scheduled in the future: 

  • If the shifts are from fixed schedule, you can roll back the shifts. You can find step-by step guide  here.
  • If the shifts are not from fixed schedule or from a fixed schedule that does not exist anymore, you can delete them using the black X in the schedule view you can find step-by-step guide  here.

If you move an employee and there are scheduled shifts in the future, the shifts will become un-assigned.

If the employee have a fixed schedule you wish to move to the unit, follow these steps: 

  • Make the employee sharable to the unit you wish to move the employee to  
  • Save
  • Reopen the employee card
  • Tick the box "Allow fixed schedule on other units"
  • Go to Schedule > Fixed Schedule > Open up the employees fixed schedule
  • Change unit on the shifts
  • Save
  • Move the employee and the fixed schedule will be moved with the employee

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