How Do I Set Up Save Bank Holiday to Lieu

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This article relates to Classic.

Follow the steps below to set up save bank holiday to lieu: 

This is an example and may not be applicable to your organization.
  • Go to Time > Tables > Salary types
  • Add a new salary type that is called Bank holiday to lieu
  • Go to Time > UT/Overtime/Bank holidays > Bank holidays
  • Click on a bank holiday you wish to make these settings for
  • At the bottom of settings you will be able to add a rule, Click Add new
  • Choose salary type
  • From 00:00 same day to 00:00 to day after
  • Amount: Exactly 1
  • Tick the box Create only if employee has
  • Select: Punch with matching shift
  • Tick the boxes if it should replace base salaries, UT, Additional Time and so on if it applies to your business. 
  • Save
  • Save again
  • And save one last time
 Remember to activate the new salary type  on the relevant agreement templates.

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