How Do I Set Up Save Bank Holiday to Lieu

Updated 10 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

Follow the steps below to set up save bank holiday to lieu: 

This is an example and may not be applicable to your organization.
  • Go to Time > Tables > Salary types
  • Add a new salary type that is called Bank holiday to lieu
  • Go to Time > UT/Overtime/Bank holidays > Bank holidays
  • Click on a bank holiday you wish to make these settings for
  • At the bottom of settings you will be able to add a rule, Click Add new
  • Choose salary type
  • From 00:00 same day to 00:00 to day after
  • Amount: Exactly 1
  • Tick the box Create only if employee has
  • Select: Punch with matching shift
  • Tick the boxes if it should replace base salaries, UT, Additional Time and so on if it applies to your business. 
  • Save
  • Save again
  • And save one last time
 Remember to activate the new salary type  on the relevant agreement templates.

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