Where Can I Define Rounding on Timepunches?

Updated 1 month ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

When it comes to rounding rules, these are configured either through the agreement templates or the employee's personal agreement.

You will find the rounding rules underneath the Time tab in the agreement template  beneath Punch Deviation. Remember that you can make specific rounding rules for selected users through their personal agreement.

Rounding (minutes): Here you can set how many minutes an employee can come before a shift start and how many minutes after the end of the shift the employee can punch out after the end of the shift and have it rounded up to the time of the shift, if it occurs within X ( Maximum 180 ) minutes of the schedules start and end .

Max deviation ( minutes): Here you can set how many minutes an employee can come after the shift start and still get paid from the beginning of the shift and how many minutes (max 180 ) an employee can leave earlier from a shift and still get paid for the full-time of the shift.

Rounding on time punches will not work on punches that have been added manually by a manager

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