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Some settings that existed in Classic don't currently exist in Neo, but we have a plan for this! The information on this page will help you understand which settings can be changed now, which can't, and when we plan to add additional settings.

Settings you can currently change in Neo

You can currently change the following settings in Neo:

Read more about current settings here.

Settings you can't currently change in Neo, and when we'll add them

We are constantly implementing new settings functionality. Please note that this timeline for new settings is an estimate and subject to change. Refer to our Neo roadmap and feature list for more information.


  • Salary types
  • Leave reason types
  • Leave types
  • Time Trackers
  • Overtime methods
  • Absence schedules
  • UT/Overtime/Bank Holiday
  • Forms
  • Additional fields
  • Unit groups
  • Reminders
  • Day count group
  • Single Sign On

What if you want to change settings that aren't accessible?

If you want to change settings that aren't currently accessible, you can contact Quinyx Support to help you update them. Write "Settings" in the subject line of your case.

However, before you contact Support, please consider the following:

  • Have you checked that the setting is not available in Neo yet?
  • Do you know specifically the change you want to make?
  • Do you know the desired result the change will have?

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