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Quinyx offers several ways to add absences. For employees with part-time absence during shorter or longer periods, absence is added in the same way as full-time absence. This means that they must first be scheduled in the usual way according to their nominal hours. After that the absence is registered. In the case of part-time absence an automatic division of the shift can be done once the absence is registered.

Process an incoming absence application

Click on the application you want to process.

  1. Select the shift you want to do a particular action for
  2. Select action for selected shift(s)
  3. Click Apply
  4. Approve if you would like to approve the application

Register Absence

You can register absence from multiple different views:

  1. Via “ Report absence” under  the Schedule 
  2. By opening the shift for the relevant person and day in any schedule view and select “Report Absence" at the bottom left.
  3. By opening the time card for the relevant person and day in any schedule view and select “Report Absence”

Absence dialogue

  1. Make sure you have the correct Employee
  2. Select period From and To date. If the absence is full days or part-time absence, a time does not need to be entered. If the absence is part of a day, enter the time the absence starts and leave the scope as 100% (Part of a day is 100% for the part of the day you register absence for).
  3. Enter Reason for absence
  4. Enter relevant  percentage if absence is part-time 
  5. Make sure the “preliminary”  is unchecked (used when planning absence far ahead in time - e.g. Vacation planning)

Actions for the shifts that the absence covers

In the example below Marie has an “irregular” schedule with several shifts on certain days. She is on 50% sickleave . Other time is absence that we eventually want to man with a replacement.

  1. Select shifts you want to implement actions for.
  2. In the example I want to divide the shift after 4 hours and keep the first segment and free the other.
  3. Select action for selected shift(s)
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click Save
  6. Now select the shifts you want to implement another action for.
    In the example I want to free other shifts.
  7. Save and then enter Schedule and/or time, check and action the free shift.

Absence is by default shown in red  in the Schedule view and is highlighted in black in the daily view and Scheduled staff.

Adjust shift length in the absence dialogue

It is possible to change the length of the shift in the absence dialogue, which can be useful if you want the employee to be replaced for more or fewer hours than those originally scheduled during the absence. This functionality works both with or without an absence schedule.

To adjust the length of the shift click on the shift’s hours. Then adjust the length and finish with “Apply”. It is also possible to remove the shift by setting new shift length to 00:00.

This functionality is disabled by default and must be activated under Settings → Rights → Time → Absence → Allow change of the shift’s hours.

Contractual Shifts

Contractual Shifts the absence dialog shows what happened to the underlying shifts in an approved absence.

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