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This function allows an automatic manning of unmanned shifts in a defined period.  Quinyx takes into account the the staff’s nominal hours, time rules, availability and skills. The function is intended as a complement to other scheduling methods when you wish to fill gaps in the schedule.

You can choose which shift types and employees will be able to be auto manned. You can also enter a ranking; if it is an employee or shift type that will be auto manned first it will be ranked highest, therefore with a higher figure. 50 is ranked higher than 1.

Shift type

Staff card

Man Shifts

Open shifts can be created in various ways. For example, it is possible to create optimal number of shifts based on sales (or other suitable volume key figures) by using the Forecasting module. See the chapter Budget and Forecasting Adjust created Shifts. To man open shifts automatically, select the Man shifts menu under the Schedule tab.

  1. Select which shift types are to be manned.
  2. Select sections to man
  3. Enter period
  4. Remove Notices of Interest: Select if any Notices of Interests, added by employees, that are used for manning of shifts are to be removed.
  5. Remove generic shifts: Select whether generic shifts are to be removed after they are used to man shifts.
    Generic shift is a setting of shift type which is used to prebook staff without defining duties in advance. You can for example build a fixed schedule for an employee with generic shifts and publish it. When auto manning is used, employees who are scheduled with generic shifts will be moved to matching ordinary shifts.
  6. Smooth manning: Select if Quinyx will take into account of the agreement’s nominal hours when manning. The manning process will take slightly  longer but the distribution of shifts between staff becomes more fair.
  7. Adjust breaks: Adjust break calculation rules as set out in the employee’s agreement if needed.
  8. Click the Man shifts button.

Quinyx shows a list of which shifts have been assigned and to whom, as well as the ones where no one was available.

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