Employee Cards - Terminate Employment

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This article relates to Classic.

To terminate employment, open the employee's employee card under the Employees tab and Employees in order to edit it.

  1. Click the Categories tab.
  2. Employee: The term "employed" means the person who is currently employed and has access to Quinyx.
  3. Uncheck the Employed field, and enter an leave date. The leave date determines up to which date the employee has access to Quinyx.
  4. Click the Save button.

Restore staff who have left

If you need to see staff who have left in the list of employees, check "Show inactive employees" under Employees and Employees.

Staff who have left are indicated with red crosses.

If you want to restore that person, you can open the employee card again, change the check mark in Employed under the Categories tab and click the Save button. 

Delete an Employee Card

A staff card can be deleted, however all related  schedule and punching history will be deleted as well.  An example might be if you have added someone by mistake that will not be scheduled in Quinyx at all,  or perhaps twice in error.  In order for the Delete button to be activated, the Leave Date must be prior to the current date.

Note that upon deletion a staff card you loose ALL history related to the employee.

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