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Templates are used to add additional shifts in the schedule to fill specific circumstances, this could for example be an event or special week, “Ski premiere, “Christmas holidays” and can be re-used. You can create a template that meets additional needs outside of the normal schedule.  A template is built for up to  one full week.

Create a Schedule template

  1. Open the Schedule tab and the Templates heading
  2. Click on  Add New 
  3. Name Template. For example Christmas break.
  4. To begin building the template click on a day, for example Saturday. The daily view is opened.
  5. To add a shift select the type of shift you would like to have in the drop-down list under Add shift on the right, or click on the Add new button. 
  6. Enter shift details and Save.
  7. When you have built up the whole day continue to the next day and build, etc.
  8. Once you have built up your week you can see it in the overview. Click on the calendar with the “7” and you come to the overview screen.
  9. If you want to change any day you only need to click on the respective day to again come to the daily view.

You can copy shifts between days in the same schedule templates or between different schedule templates. Open a day in your schedule template. In the drop-down “Select template” you can access all weekdays from your other schedule templates. Select a day to copy all shifts for the day. You can then adjust/add/remove shifts.

Roll out a Templates

Schedule templates are used weekly and can only be rolled out weekly.

  1. Open the Schedule tab and the Schedule heading
  2. Select the week where the template will be used by clicking on the week number to the left in the monthly view.

  3. Click the template that is to be used
  4. The template is now added to the schedule.

If you choose to roll out the same, or another, schedule template the same week Quinyx will add more shifts in addition to those you have already rolled out. In other words you get double the number of shifts that week.

If you add the template in a published period  the staff will see it instantly, if not they will see it once you publish.

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