Publish your base schedule

Updated 6 months ago by Oscar Combes

The next step is to publish your base schedule.

Click "More" in the schedule view and select "Publish schedule".

In the "Publish schedule" pane that appears, select a publish date and click "Publish schedule". 

You publish until the unit's daybreak. So if your unit's daybreak is 6 AM and you publish until December 7 2021, then your schedule will be published until 6 AM that date.

If you would like to unpublish a part of an already published schedule, change the date to a date closer in time than the date the schedule is currently published up to.

Publish base schedule per section

It is possible to publish the schedule per unit or if applicable, per section. Select which unit or section to publish the base schedule for by selecting the unit/section in the group selector:

Please note the publish date of a section can never exceed that of a unit.


  • Today's date: February 1
    • Unit A: publish date - May 1
    • Section A: publish date - April 1

Section A has published shifts up until the April 1, Unit A has published shifts up until the May 1.

If the publish date for Unit A is then changed to March 1, both Section A and Unit A will have published shifts up until March 1 only.

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