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Making the move to Neo can be daunting, but you aren't alone! We want you to become as comfortable and confident as possible while you're making the switch. That's why we offer specialized live digital classroom training and live webinars tailored to your role.

Upcoming digital classroom training

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Digital classroom training - Superusers

  • Introduction to Neo and key features
  • Review your configuration
  • Prepare your organization to use Neo
  • Closing out Classic

​​Thursday 13 August 9am-11.30am (SE)​

Thursday 20 Augusti 9am-11.30am (SE)​

Tuesday 25 Augusti 9.30am-12pm (NO)

Wednesday 26 Augusti 8.30am-11am CET (FI)

Wednesday 2 Sept. 8.30am-11am CET (FI)

Thursday 3 Sept. 9am-11.30am (SE)

Thursday 10 Sept. 9am-11.30am (SE)

Wednesday 16 Sept. 9.30am-12pm (NO)

Thursday 17 Sept. 9am-11.30am (SE)

Thursday 1 October 9am-11.30am (SE)

Thursday 15 October 9am-11.30am (SE)

Thursday 12 November 9am-11.30am (SE)

Thursday 26 November 9am-11.30am (SE)

Thursday 10 December 9am-11.30am (SE)

All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Upcoming live webinars

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Introduction to Neo for Schedulers

  • What is Neo?
  • Employee Management
  • Base Schedules
  • Daily Schedule Management
  • Attest time

​Thursday 13 Aug. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Thursday 27 Aug. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Swe

Thursday 10 Sept. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Thursday 24 Sept. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Swe

Thursday 8 Okt. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Thursday 21 Okt. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Swe

Thursday 5 Nov. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Thursday 19 Nov. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Swe

Thursday 3 Dec. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Thursday 17 Dec. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Swe

Introduction to Neo for Superusers

  • ​What is Neo?​
  • Access rights and roles​
  • Employee Management​
  • ​Base Schedules​
  • ​Daily Schedule Management​
  • ​Attest time

Tuesday 15 Sept. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Tuesday 20 Okt. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Tuesday 17 Nov. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

Tuesday 15 Dec. 3pm-4.30pm (CET) - Eng

All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

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