Why Can I Sometimes Not Punch in Using My Mobile Phone?

Updated 1 year ago by Mikael Nylen

The app uses so called "geofencing" to determine if you are within the required range of your workplace to be allowed to punch in or out. Geofencing determines your position by triangulating using the mobile base stations that your phone is connected to. If Wi-fi and/or GPS is enabled, this is also used to further improve the speed and accuracy of determining your location. Unfortunately, this technology has its limitations. The following factors can decrease its accuracy:

  • Being in an area with spotty mobile coverage
  • Being in a remote area with few base stations
  • Having Wi-Fi disabled
  • Having GPS disabled

Also, your employer determines the allowed range from your workplace for punching in and/or out. From experience, we see that having a short range dramatically impacts the possibility to punch in or out quickly as the technology is not accurate enough to pin-point your location within a small area. Talk to your employer about increasing the range incrementally until it works more reliably.

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