How Can I Make Sure Historical Timepunches Remain Unchanged?

Updated 1 month ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

When punching time in Quinyx, you often want to keep the history untouched in order to revisit the data at a later date.

In order to lock a timeperiod and stop any changes being done, you've got two options.

Lock salary period

This feature lets you set a date up to which it's not possible to edit shifts or timepunches on any employee, while you can still change the attest status of the timepunches.

By using this feature, you can easily stop any new changes to the employees times before attesting the hours of the employee in preparation for creating the payroll file.

Non-preliminary payroll file

When generating a payroll file, you can choose to untick the Preliminary checkbox. Doing this will give you an additional question when generating the payroll file, asking if you wish to update the time period. If you select Yes, the time period you created the payroll file for will be completely locked and no further changes can be done to the schedule or time punches for the employees included in the payroll file.

Unchecking preliminary  is required to make sure that Timetrackers  are  calculated correct over time.

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