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Updated by Johannes Nordman

A notice of interest (NOI) is a notice that you can create that will indicate to your manager(s) that you want to work during this date and time in the schedule. In the tab "Notice of interest", it's possible to create, view, and edit the notice of interests. The functionality for creating notices of interests includes a repeat option which makes it possible to create NOIs that repeat in a fixed time span:

In the Schedule view in the web app, the NOI will be visible for your manager to review.

Start using Availability instead of Notice of Interests

We urge all our customers to start using our Availability functionality instead of Notice of Interests. The availability functionality is more user-friendly and supports more use cases than our current function Notice of Interest.

One function that availability supports is converting an availability item into a shift as a manager in the Schedule view of the web app. We also support sections with availability and multi-selection of both units & sections when creating availability as a user. We have implemented the possibility for our users to see, create, edit, and delete their own availability hours in our mobile apps. For the mobile apps, the permission for availability is turned off by default and needs to be turned on under Mobile and Staff portal permissions in You can find more information about Availability for managers in the web app here.

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