Tables - Additional Fields for Employees

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Additional fields can be customised and added into the employee cards. These fields may include information such as position, internal ID, organisational affiliation, trial employment, etc.

Custom fields are only visible in the Admin Portal and access rights can be set via Settings → Access Rights → Employees → Employees → Additional fields.

Create additional fields 

To add additional fields, go to Settings / Tables and select the radio button "Additional employee fields".

To create an additional field, select "Add". A "Configure additional fields" box is displayed, where you have multiple choices for each individual field.

  • Field key- used to identify the field in API calls or when mapping PDFs.
  • Title - The visible name of the field
  • Field type
    • Text
    • Date
    • Checkbox
    • Menu with selectable options
  • Regular expression - Here, you can enter the permitted format for the specified text. For example, a social security number only permits figures in the format NNN-NN-NNNN.
  • Tooltip - The tooltip is information text for the field. This is displayed when you hold the cursor over the field and when validation of a regular expression fails.
  • Required - Required fields must be filled in
  • Unique- The field's value must be unique (e.g. personal ID number, external employment ID, etc.)
  • Save - Click Save to save your additional fields.
Note that if you define a custom field such as "Required", this means that employee cards cannot be saved the next time a change is made unless this field is filled in correctly.

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