Agreement Templates - Bank Holidays

Updated 11 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

The Use default bank holidays box appears under the bank holidays tab and is generally checked. This means that the agreement template inherits the glocal settings for bank holidays with their respective unsocial hours and overtime periods, as well as any reduction in nominal time, which are inserted in the submenu Unsocial hours/Overtime/Bank holidays under the Time and Settings tabs. If other rules for bank holidays are to be applied to the agreement template, the Use default bank holidays checkbox must be unchecked.

An important example is if the agreement template is to cover a staff group which has a different reduction in nominal time in the added bank holidays. When the Use default bank holidays box is unchecked, new bank holidays can be configured using the Add button. See the Bank Holidays chapter for instructions on how to add bank holidays and determine whether there should be a reduction in the nominal time for bank holidays or not.

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