Transitioning to Neo from Classic FAQs

Updated 1 month ago by Leigh Hutchens

Q: Does Neo keep our configuration from Classic?

A: Yes, you do, however, have to configure the new concepts of Roles and Access Rights in Neo.

Q: Is there a cost to upgrade to Neo?

A: No!

Q: Can we migrate our fixed schedules? 

A: Yes, contact our Quinyx Support team.

Q: When will Classic be shut down?

A: Classic will not be reachable after 2020-12-31, as browsers will no longer support Flash after that date. For more information, please see announcement from Adobe and major web browser vendors:

Q: Will our Single Sign On process be affected by Neo?

A: No. Read more about SSO here.

Q: Will the mobile app change?

A: The Quinyx mobile app remains the same when upgrading to Neo, however, the mobile team always continues to make improvements to it, so be sure to always update to the latest version. You can always check out the latest mobile release notes here.

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