Schedule Reports

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Daily schedule

Scheduled shifts for a day (by section or shift type)

Columns: Shift type, employee, shift time, breaks, hours, section, comment, signature

Staff lunches

A report to print. Each employee can sign when they have taken their lunch break.

Columns: Name, badge no., shift type, signature

Manning plan

Provides an overview of staffing (manned=triangle), per 15 minutes. Before and after dinner. One tab per day.  

Columns: Name, hour

Employee hours report

Over a period (day, week, month), each person’s hours and total number of hours. Many filtering options by staff and shift.

Columns: given name, family name, badge no., date, total (hours)

Detailed schedule

One tab per person, can retrieve with simulated shifts (shifts that are in the fixed schedule but which are still not created). Several filtering options (unit, section, staff category, skills), can retrieve e.g. UT, overtime and absence hours.

Analyse planned hours

Total number of scheduled hours per day, week, month. Possible to filter by unit, section, shift type.

Cost report

Cost in number of hours per day, week, month. Many groupings and filtering options, can be saved as templates. Number of hours per salary type. For example, total hours, UT, OT hours. Can include staff costs and forecast variables.  

Average values for week

Budget and Forecasting

Weekly scheduled hours

Projected (incl. unmanned) against scheduled and the difference between them (in red). Weekly, 15 minute intervals, with totals.

Time analysis

Nominal hours/week against the diff. weeks before, scheduled.

Schedule report

If you want to have a print-out of the schedule. The schedule with shift type colours, can be filtered in many different ways.

Monthly schedule

Overview for a month. Employee, date, shift times. Total number of hours per day, and month.

Journal report

Shows changes in the schedule with space for signature.

Fixed schedule

All fixed schedules

Pattern schedule

All pattern schedules

Performance report

Budget and Forecasting. There are several selections concerning scope of the report. You can select a unit or a region as well as all units within it. This report provides you with a lot of information from the forecasting page. It provides you with Sales, Hours, Salary cost in columns actual outcome and forecast. It also provides sales from prev. year and information about index and productivity if there is data inserted in Quinyx.

Staffing report

Who is scheduled? Name, shift type, date, time

Rule circumvention log

Schedule warnings that are approved, and by whom

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