Employee Cards - Units

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This article relates to Classic.

The Units tab is relevant if you have several units in your configuration and when the employee needs to be able to see the schedule and work at units other than his/her home unit.

  • Shareable: Check the Shareable box to enable the person to see the schedule and work at other units.
    Then select the relevant unit or units from the list on the right. You select a unit either by double-clicking on the unit’s name or by dragging and dropping it from right to left.
    If the Shareable box is checked, but there are no units selected, this means that the employee can be shared with all the units in the list on the right.
  • Allow fixed schedules at other units: To ensure that the employee is able to have a Fixed schedule (therefore not just borrowed as extra or scheduled using a Scheduling template) for these units, the Allow fixed schedules on other units box needs to be checked.
    Here, too, you need to indicate to Quinyx what the other unit(s) is (are), either by double-clicking the unit or by dragging and dropping
  • Allow rollout of fixed schedules: If the administrators for the selected units need to be able to roll out the Fixed schedule for employees, check the relevant box. Otherwise, permission is only granted to create the schedule.

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