Adjust Daily Forecast

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Under the Adjust daily forecast tab you can see how the forecast key figures are distributed across the day. You can also see the forecast compared to the same day the previous year. You can adjust the date or the daily forecast that is based on sales or other selected variables, to create statistics. You can also access a daily forecast by clicking on the relevant day in the monthly view under Forecasts.

  • To show statistics, first select a forecast variable in the drop-down menu on the left
  • Then state the forecast date in the text field
  • The forecast view divides the forecast evenly across hours 9 - 17, if there is not already historical data to distribute from

The value of the variables is stated for each hour in the text field below. The total sum is shown at the very bottom. A graph, a table or a trend map will be created once all data is provided.


The table shows the weekly totals and you can compare the previous year against plan (forecast).


The graph compares the previous year (green bars) against the forecast (yellow). 


The trend shows historic outcomes for 6 weeks in the past. The figures are shown in column 6 WEEKS in the forecast view. You can easily remove a date from the average calculation by unticking the date and clicking New Calculation.

Alternatively you can select the same date from the year before, by ticking P. year and clicking New Calculation. 

Database You can select to view data from Forecasts or History by selecting the relevant radio button in the top right corner.

  • Forecasts are used for statistics that you expect to achieve in the future.
  • History is used for statistics based on data which already exists.

Notes - You can select to comment on the forecast if anything specific may have affected the outcome

Rounding - You can select how figures are rounded up/down.

Adjusting - If you want to adjust your forecast by a particular %, you can use this.

Copy from date - For example, copy the figures from last year’s Easter Saturday into this year’s forecast.

Copy from template - Perhaps you saved last year’s figures from a particular day when you began a campaign, and want to reuse them.

Reset - If you want to remove all values

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