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Updated 7 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

You can subscribe to your Quinyx schedule via a Webcal link if you want to view your schedule in Google, Outlook or the Apple calendar, for example. You can for instance share your schedule with a family member in the same way.

Employees can access the Webcal link from the staff portal under My Page. 

  1. Enabled - If not enabled the link will not work and will not update.
  2. Name - Your name for the calendar to be shown on the “other” calendar.
  3. URL - This is the link to the calendar which you add in the client calendar application. You have the possibility to create a new link and to copy to clipboard.
  4. Scheduled shifts - Indicate if scheduled shifts should be synced.
  5. Absence - Indicate if that absence shifts should be synced.
  6. Open shifts - Indicate if unmanned shifts should be synced.
  7. Filter by notice of interest - Determines if unassigned shifts should only be shown if they match my Notices of Interest.

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