Missing Push Notifications on Android

Updated 1 month ago by Mikael Nylen

In version 6.0 of Android, the function "Optimise battery usage" was introduced. This function is usually turned on as a standard setting.  When activated, applications affected by this function will not be able to send data, receive data, or create visible user interaction such as push messages if the phone is in standby mode or locked

If you have issues with your, or your employee's phones not creating push notifications among other things, this setting might be the cause.

If you have a Samsung phone:

  • From your home screen, open Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • In the top right corner, select the "three dots" to bring up the additional menu, choose "Special Access"
  • Open "Optimise battery usage"
  • Select All apps
  • Find Quinyx and make sure the option to use Battery optimisation is turned off for Quinyx.

Please remember that you always have to allow Quinyx to send push notifications in your general settings and in the Quinyx application settings.

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