How Do I Activate Punching via Mobile?

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You can allow your employees to punch their worked hours directly via our mobile app.

  • Begin by activating the access right to be able to punch using the mobile application by going to Settings -> Access rights
  • Select Mobile devices and then Staff in the two drop down lists

  • Open the folder called Time, and select Punch in/out
  • Select Visible and Update. Here, you will also be able to select if all employees should be able to punch using their mobile phones or if it should be limited to a district, unit, staff category or to a few select employees.
  • Save.

Once you have saved the Access rights, it's time to decide if it should be possible to punch from anywhere, or if it should only be possible from a certain radius from the workplace

  • Go to Settings -> Units
  • Open the unit you wish to add the radius to and click on the tab 'SMS/Integration'
  • At the bottom of this tab, you will be able to add GPS-coordinates for the center location and a radius within which it will be possible to punch your hours. Please note that the GPS-coordinate you choose is the center point from which the defined radius radiates from

Now it's time to approve the phones which the employee should use to punch their hours. This is done on the employees staff card, in the tab Devices

  • Go to Employees -> Employees and open the employee who should punch their hours using their mobile device. Make sure that the employee has already logged in to the mobile application
  • Select the tab Devices
  • Tick the checkbox for the key last used when the employee logged in

Now, your employees will be able to punch their hours using their cellphones and our mobile application!

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