Define Reports

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Define Reports

  • You can build reports in Quinyx.
  • Select Define report under the Reports & Statistics menu
  • Click the Add new button
  • Enter a Report title         

  • Determine how you want to sort your report in the first place and possibly in the second place.
  • Select columns you want to have in the report by double-clicking on the field in the list on the right or drag and drop the field from right to left.
  • You can choose to preview your report by clicking on the Test report button.

  • When you are satisfied with your choice click the Save button.
  • The list of reports you have created yourself can be edited from the list.
  • To extract a self-created report select Reports under the Reports & Statistics menu
  • Click on the folder "Staff reports" and select "Employee Reports by Report Generator"
  • In the "Select report to print" dropdown list you can find your tailored reports

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