Daily Schedule Management

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This article relates to Classic.

Daily view

You can access the daily view by clicking on the date in the calendar under Schedule → Schedule.

You can quickly select the next day by clicking the arrow pinting down, or rolling 6 hours forwards or backwards by using the arrows that move right and left. Select 7 if you want to look at the week or 31 if you want to go back to the Schedule view.

You can use the drop-down menus to quickly filter for the information you wish to see. 

Default sort order is by time however you can choose how the shifts will be sorted in the view.

Under Select template select a schedule template to copy shifts from the specific weekday.

Adding extra shifts

There is sometimes an additional requirement for staff. This may e.g. be in the case of a major delivery, an event, a customer day, a campaign, a staff meeting, etc. The additional requirements can then be scheduled in the form of an ad hoc shift and becomes a good complement to the fixed schedule and schedule templates.

The simplest way of scheduling an extra shift is by using the Schedule tab and Schedule submenu.

The relevant schedule in Quinyx is shown under Schedules and Scheduled Staff. Both views contain the same information but the layout is different.

If you want to add an individual shift in the schedule, without using Fixed Schedule or Schedule templates, you can add a an extra shift directly into the schedule.

You can add extra shifts in various ways:

  1. Open the heading Schedule via the Schedule tab
  2. Click on the relevant day
  3. Select Add New
  4. Select shift type, enter time and assign the shift to the relevant person.
  5. Save
  6. Open the heading Schedule via the Schedule tab
  7. Click the relevant day it applies to
  8. Click on the menu “Add shift”
  9. Select shift type.
  10. Double click to open and make any changes.
  11. Save

If the shift is unmanned and added in a published period , staff members can immediately se and request it.

Assign unmanned shifts in the daily view

You can easily assign unmanned shifts in the schedule by either opening the shift and selecting an employee, or by dragging and dropping the person from the list on the right hand side.

In the shift:

  1. Double-click the unmanned shift
  2. Select employee under Assign shift to
  3. Save

Drag and drop:

On the right side of the daily view you can see available staff. Note that you can see in the list how much the person is already scheduled during the period and his or her nominal hours. If no one is available  in the list, you can see if there is staff from other units by using the list at the very bottom.

  1. Select the person’s image on the right-hand side and drag and drop on the shift.

In both cases, Quinyx will warn you if you break any rules according to the person’s agreement by assigning this shift. A Qmail notifies the employee if this occurs in a published period.

Modifying a shift

You can easily change all settings in a shift in the daily view by opening the shift by double-clicking and changing relevant fields. Alternatively, if you only want to change the shift’s hours you can drag and drop the shift directly in the view. If the shift is in a published period, the employee in questions is informed of the change automatically via Qmail. If you change a shift that is scheduled today or tomorrow, an SMS will be sent whatever the selected communication channel to ensure that the employee receives information about shift changes at short notice (if enabled). 


Delete multiple shifts: Individual shifts have a small black x on the right in order to delete, but this function makes it possible to remove several shifts during a period.

Edit multiple shifts: is used when you wish to make changes that affect several shifts. Perhaps you want to change all shifts on a day to take inventory and you would like all employees to come in early (offset option). Perhaps you would like to assign all unmanned shifts to a specific person during a week, link them to a specific project, change section or add a description.

Click to hide absences: used to temporarily hide people who are currently absent.

Click to print this view

Click to show diagram: shows a diagram of the actual staffing and optimal staffing. This requires that a forecast has been created for the day.

Click to undo deleted shift

Click to temporarily block notifications on schedule changes to the staff: The function can be used if you do a lot of  schedule changes within an already published schedule but do not wish notifications to be sent out.

Click on the icon again when you want to reactivate the function. Otherwise the function will be re enabled after you log out from Quinyx and back in again.

Click if you would like to schedule a meeting or other event and inform relevant employees.

Click to show narrow shifts: If you have a lot of shifts and want to reduce the size of shown shifts so that more are accommodated on same screen for increased clarity.

Click to hide/show Notices of Interest: Used if you want to hide/show notices of interests on that day.

Click to hide/show absence: Used if you want to hide/show vacations/leaves for relevant day.

Click to exclude salary cost.

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