Why Must Location Data Be Enabled?

Updated 10 months ago by Mikael Nylen

The app uses a method called "geofencing" in order to determine if you are within the required range of your workplace for punching in and out, and also to provide a push notification reminding you to punch in or out when you reach or leave your workplace.

With geofencing, an app tells the operating system to send it a signal if and when the phone is within X meters of coordinates Y and Z. It requires location data to be activated at all times. Geofencing has a few major advantages:

  1. It uses significantly less battery power than traditional geolocation as it only uses cell tower triangulation, i.e. no additional hardware is activated in order to determine your position. Therefore, Quinyx positioning does not consume any power. However accuracy is increased if you have Wi-Fi enabled.
  2. It does not require the app to save or transmit any location data to the app provider. Instead of the app/phone providing location data to Quinyx servers, Quinyx provides the workplace's coordinates to the phone, and the phone tells the app if it's within required range for punching in and out.

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