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This article relates to Classic.

All worked hours need to be attested (approved) in Quinyx. This is generally done by the employee and then by a manager. The process may vary, but all punches must be approved before they will be included in a salary file. It is recommended that you create a routine for attestation so it is done continuously. There are several ways to attest worked hours.

  1. In a time card
  2. Time > Time
  3. Time > Attest

Attest in a time card

You can find the time card under the Time tab and the Time menu in Quinyx. Open a time card by double-clicking on it.

As a manager, you can approve by checking the attest box on the right. The box for the employee will be checked if the employee has their time in the mobile app or staff portal. Otherwise, it is checked if you as manager check the Manager  box (depending on the settings in Quinyx).

Click on the arrow next furthest to the right to get to the next time card. With the arrow furthest to the right you can skip ahead one week. Close the time card at the top right hand side.

Time > Time

Under the Time tab and the Time menu you can attest

1. all punches for an employee during selected time period

2. all punches during a day or during selected time period

You can select the relevant time period at the top of the screen.

Grey checkmarks next to the date or next to the employee’s name indicate that there are unapproved times.

Select the row to attest all punches for an employee in the selected time period

Select the column to attest all  time stamps during a day or during selected time period.

You can also select the global checkmark on the top left hand side to attest everything in the period.

Time > Attest

It is also possible to Attest under Time and Attest. 

Select relevant time period.

You can approve all times in the period on the right under the Manager column

When you attest the ball turns green.

If you want to attest individual shifts you can select the triangle next to the employee’s folder on the right to see them. You can also double-click on a row to open a time card.

Visually it is easy to see whether you are finished with the attests or not because all the balls should be green.

Tips and tricks

To ensure that you are finished with attesting a period you can use the green ball icon. If you click it, everything that is attested is filtered away, only red, unattested times will remain which means that is the screen is empty everything is attested.

The icon on the left can be used to see the attest status of several units.

This is useful if for example if a  manager or salary administrator centrally extracts a payroll file for the whole organisation.

After all records are attested for the period it is time to create a file for the payroll system. This is done under the Transfer to payroll menu.

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