How Do I Give My Employee a New Fixed Schedule?

Updated 11 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

This article relates to Classic.

If you want to give your employee a new fixed schedule there is a few things you need to consider to do it correctly. 

We recommend that you roll back the old fixed schedule before you add a new fixed schedule, to avoid double shifts.

  1. Go to Schedule Fixed Schedule 
  2. Click the "Roll back schedule" - button
  3. Select the employee you wish to roll back the schedule for
  4. Select time period (to when the new schedule should start)
  5. Click "Roll back shifts for period"
  6. The shifts will be rolled back

Now you need to create a new fixed schedule, to avoid confusion when looking at the employees fixed schedule, you can set an expiration date on the schedule you just rolled back. 

  1. Open up the schedule you just rolled back
  2. Tick the box next to the date intervall
  3. Set an expiration date for the schedule
  4. Save

Now you can add a new Fixed schedule. 

  1. Click the "Add new" - button
  2. Select which employee the schedule should be assigned to
  3. From which date it starts 
  4. Select length of the schedule
  5. Start adding shifts
  6. When you are done, Save!
  7. Roll out the new fixed schedule 

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