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Under the Budget menu you can create budgets to compare with actual outcome and forecast. The Monthly Budget view allows you to create annual budgets per month. Just as for forecasts, budgets can also be made both for all departments and separately for specific departments.

Monthly budget

You can input budgets that will form the basis for forecasts created later. You can work with several budgets simultaneously (A-F) and then select which of these you want to use as reference budget to compare with different sub forecasts.

  1. Begin by stating which year you want to add a budget for, as well as which forecast variable is applicable, such as sales or visitors.
  2. Enter your budget, from January to December, e.g. under budget A. The total is shown below.
  3. Then select one of the options on the right:
  • Work with budget version: Select which budget you want to work with.
  • Lock to month: Which month you want to lock for editing.
  • Round to: The number of decimal points you want Quinyx to round up/down to.
  • Adjust  figures by: The percentage by which to adjust the forecast according to entered budget.
  • Copy from budget: Select the budget you want to copy from when creating a forecast.

To create a forecast from the budget you have entered and the settings you have made, click the button Create Forecast. If you want to reset the budget, select Clear Budget.  If you want to save the budget without adding a forecast, click


Hourly matrix

The hourly matrix allows you to adjust the distribution of budget and forecast over a day.

You can adjust the distribution of the budget and your forecast using the percentages for hours and for weekday respectively.

  1. Adjust the percentage of sales between weekdays. Weekdays are distributed with 20% of the weekly budget per day by default. You can change and, for example, use another percentage and/or distribute the percentage on weekend days as well.
  2. You can also select to edit the percentage per hour in the different boxes. Change the percentage distribution so that the figures are distributed per selected hour depending on when sales are highest or lowest during selected opening hours.  Standard distribution is between 09:00 and 17:00.
  3. Click  .

You can then go back in to your monthly budget and create a forecast based on the changes made in the hourly matrix.

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