Is It Possible to Limit Where My Employees Can Punch in Using Their Cellphone?

Updated 1 month ago by Mikael Nylen

When using the Quinyx mobile application, you can easily set up a zone to limit where your employees can punch in for work.

Set the zone in your unit settings by logging into the Admin portal in Quinyx, then navigating to Settings and Units.

  1. Open the relevant unit, and select the SMS/Integrations tab
  2. Click the Add new button and add the latitude and longitude of the center of your zone, also add a radius from the center.
  3. Save

Once your employees enter the zone you created, assuming they have access to the time punch function and that their phone is approved for punching, they will be able to punch in using their mobile phone.

Please note that you set  up the zone using the radius, not the diameter. 

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