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This article relates to Classic.

Different staff groups are created under the Employees tab and the Groups menu, and these are not to be confused with Staff Categories. The Groups function is used for easy communication with your colleagues via Qmail, email, SMS or chat. You can also create what are known as manager groups. These groups can then be selected as a manager group for the unit, so that all members of the group receive messages when shifts are booked and leave applications are submitted, for example.

There is also a search field for different groups.

Clicking Add New creates a new group.

There are two columns on this page. Group members are shown on the left, and employees who are not included in the group are shown on the right.

  • Create a new group by assigning a name to it in the field "Group Name".
  • Members are added to the group by double-clicking staff in the "Employees" column or using drag-and-drop.
  • To undo an option, members can be deleted by the clicking the cross to the right of each name.
  • You can search on staff via the search field, or select any Staff category via the drop-down list.
  • You can select the manager for the group in the drop-down list "Manager", and you can choose in the drop-down list "Give access to" whether all or specific managers at the unit are to be able to access the group.
  • When you have finished, click Save. You can also delete a group by clicking Delete.

You can then create news that can be viewed by just a specific group or send Qmail to a group.

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