Nominal Hours Calculation, Part Time Absence

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In this example, an employee is set up using the following parameters

Full-time working hours 40 hours/week, 5 days/week = 8 hours nominal full-time/day. The employee is scheduled 8 hours each day and is about to start a 90% sick-leave.

Begin by entering the scope of the leave, in this example the employee will be on sick-leave 90% of his normal nominal hours, 90% of 8 hours = 7:12 hours.

As the employee is supposed to be on sick-leave for 2 days you will have a calculated nominal time of 14:24 hours during the leave.

These hours are divided by day over the first segment.

In this example we choose to keep the second segment and delete the first, resulting in 7:12 hours of sick-leave and 0.48 hours of scheduled time for each day of the sick-leave.

  • If the employee is scheduled less than 7 hours and 12 minutes a day, you would get only leave.
  • If the employee is scheduled more than 7 hours and 12 minutes a day, all scheduled time exceeding 7:12 hours will remain scheduled on the employee.

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