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Punched hours

Compare scheduled, nominal and punched hours. Displays generated salary types, any absence, salary cost and time tracker transactions. Many filtering options.

Summary per employee

Scheduled against worked hours (punched and absence). UT, Additional time, Overtime, Flex.

Payroll report

By cost center, many sorting options. Shows agreements, employment level, and monthly and hourly salary.

Presence report

Presence on chosen day

Cost report

Cost in number of hours per day, week, month. Many filtering options, can be saved as template. Number of hours per salary type. E.g. total hours, UT, OT hours. Can include salary costs and forecast variables.  

Salary details

Salary details, same as in Transfer to payroll

Salary details per cost centre

Salary details by cost centre (not by employee). Total number of hours per salary type.

Time tracker report

Time tracker transactions for employees during selected period.

Staff reports

Employee reports by report generator

Define reports

On Call Report

Available staff, with scheduled hours, skills, Total hours and days scheduled, phone, mobile no. and info.

Availability chart

Availability from the agreement.

Telephone list

Filter by staff category. Includes phone and e-mail address.

Birthday list

Birthday, name, age

Leave requests

Status, type

Absence report

Period, reason, number of hours. No filtering.

E-mail list

By staff category or department. Name, e-mail.

Define Reports

  • You can build your own reports in Quinyx.
  • Select Define report under the Reports & Statistics menu
  • Click on the Add button
  • Enter a Report name 
  • Determine how you want to sort your report in the first place and possibly in the second place.
  • Select columns you want to have in the report by double-clicking on the field in the list on the right or drag and drop the field from right to left.
  • You can choose to preview your report by clicking on the Test report button. 
  • When you are satisfied with your choice click the Save button.
  • The list of reports you have created yourself can be edited from the list.
  • To extract a self-created report select Reports under the Reports & Statistics menu
  • Click on the folder for Staff reports and select Employee reports by report generator
  • In the first dropdown list you can find your tailored reports

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