New to Quinyx? Start here!

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Are You new to Quinyx? We would like welcome you to Quinyx knowledge base!

Quinyx helps to schedule Employees in an easy and effective way.

If you are not using Quinyx today you should visit our official website and fill a form to book a demo show:

Are you an existing Quinyx user and would like to get started with scheduling? Then please go to our website to your free Online courses. They will help you to make your scheduling easy and you will get all of the basic information about the Quinyx software.

Please follow this:

  • Start by familiarizing yourself with Quinyx by completing our e-learning course.
If you have the E-learning in the wrong language, it means that the system does recognize your email domain. To change it you will need to contact your responsible Quinyx contact in your company.
  • Now it is time to configure your application. You can find more information about this here.
This information will give you an overview of the steps we are going through with the customer when we set-up your Quinyx environment. This job is done by our Implementation experts together with our customers.
  • Enjoy work!

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