Web Service Methods relating to Forecast

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These methods relates to Forecast an regards to updating and retrieving data.

6.1 GetVariableTypes
Used for retrieving the variabletypes set up on the customer
6.2 GetForecasts
Used for retrieving forecast data from Quinyx WFM
6.4 GetSalesData
Used for retrieving the actual data from Quinyx WFM (eg. Sales, transactions)
6.5 GetMonthlyView
Sales data, budget and forecasts will be returned from specified month. Every row in the data returned represents one day of the month.
6.7 GetOptimalStaffing
Quinyx Forecast can calculate optimal staffing figures for a unit or section by multiplying the sales forecast with rules for predefined sales volume intervals, e.g.: If we sell for 100 GBP during 1 hour, we need 1 employee scheduled during that time If we sell for 300 GBP during 1 hour, we need 2 employees These figures can be fetched from Quinyx per unit or section using this method, so that they can be visualized in external systems.
6.8 UpdateForecastV3
This Web Service method allows to add and edit forecast data to Quinyx. This method was created so that decimals could be supplied in the “amount” field (V1 and V2 doesn’t support that).

Deprecated methods

6.6 UpdateForecastsV2
Newer version available in 6.8 UpdateForecastV3
6.3 UpdateForecasts
Newer version available in 6.8 UpdateForecastV3

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