Version 365

Important Update

As part of our quest to improve quality and deliver value to our customers and users, Quinyx WFM Classic will move from 3 week release cycles to 2 week release cycles from January 2020. There are multiple reasons for us proceeding with this change:

  • Shorter time between identification and correction of bugs
  • Fewer changes with each release, which decreases the risk of bugs
  • We can deliver new features and improvements faster and more often
  • New functionality available in Neo, Classic and Mobile at the same time

For you as a customer, this means that you will have a shorter time window to familiarise yourself with new functionality on RC, going from 7 working days to 4 working days. However it is important to note that with shorter release cycles each release will contain fewer changes, so there won’t be as much to try out in each release.

New functionality

Now possible to use identification to view in Scrive

If you have an active Scrive agreement it is now possible to add another layer of security and add a method on viewing documents as well as signing them. This is configured per customer and you have to following options to choose from:

To view a document:

  • Standard (no identification as current behaviour)
  • Text message (sms)
  • BankID (Sweden)
  • BankID (Norway)
  • NemID Denmark
  • TUPAS Finland
  • Verimi

To sign a document:

  • Standard (no identification as current behaviour)
  • Text message (sms)
  • BankID (Sweden)
  • BankID (Norway)
  • NemID Denmark
If you want to know more about what Quinyx and Scrive can do to help your business streamline the hiring process contact

Time Tracker updates

Divide by employment rate

It is now possible to divide a Time tracker by employee employment rate as well as previous method of multiplying be employment rate. This is done on the agreement template and the drop down "Select for accrual factor to be connected to employment rate"

Reset count of punched hours

It is now possible when using accrual driver "Punched hours" to have it reset according to periodization set on the Time tracker itself

Time → Agreement templates → Time Trackers → Add new/edit existing Select for accrual factor to be connected to employment rate

API / Web Service updates

wsdlgetShiftCategories : now returns an array of tags if they exist and "includeTags" is set to True

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Org charts will be removed from Classic with this release
  • New library installed for generating the actual payroll files
  • Updating WP3 to allow user to punch on shifts when one of their agreements or even main agreement has deviation reporting

Bug fixes

  • Correction to Time Tracker is not deducting contracted hours on bank holiday
  • Correction to visual item where time-logs showing different information depending on if you filter on employees or units
  • Fix to Punched Hour report stops showing Time Tracker transactions when including more than one employee in the report
  • Correction to Salary Details report showing the name of the second shift type after break
  • Correction to availability in the schedule dayview when business daybreak set to other than 00:00

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