Version 354

New features

New options to periodized Time Trackers

This is mostly a Netherland legal requirement.

Standard and extra leave

In some countries holiday entitlement is split into standard and extra. But it is all in one balance so you will get 200 hours every year, where 160 is standard and 40 is extra legal (if you are fulltime employed).

So as long as I have more than 40 hours (or the corresponding amount) left these will be split into two different carry over balances. One that I can use for an additional 6 months after year end (total 18 months) and one balance I can use for an additional period (5 years).

Setup a periodized time tracker with the "Dutch" deduction order

Setup a 4 time tracker associations in an agreement template

  • Earn 200 vacation hours per year
    • Add 200 vacation hours every year

Reset previous legal hours (160) on July 1st

  • Remove unused legal hours (up to 160) after year and a half
  • Make sure you set carry-over to 40 even if employment rate is less then 100%
  • Make sure you check "Multiply carry-over" by employment rate.

Reset 5 year old extra legal vacation hours

  • Remove remaining unused extra legal hours after 5 years

Reduce by vacation hours

  • Set up an accrual driver for deducting vacation hours

This setup is done from Settings → Tables → Time Trackers and Time → Agreement templates → Chosen template → Time Trackers

Read more about Time Trackers here

Search staff available under settings

A search staff tab is now separately available for role manager under Settings → Search Staff

This tab is default set to NOT visible and need to be changed from access rights

API / Web Service updates

wsdlGetSchedulesV2 : Tasks on shifts / "Subshifts" are now returned in the response if present

wsdlUpdateAgreements  : Not possible to send empty <toDate>

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Atlantic/Reykjavik timezone added
  • Possibility to add more than 2 decimals on a Time Tracker connected to a salarytype
  • Time Tracker report now has an option to show hours as decimals
  • Absence percentage report now shows reports to even if a specific manager is not chosen. It will show the section/unit/district manager depending on setup
  • Performance improvements regarding news

Bug fixes

  • Fix fo wrong cost centre set on employee when rolling out a fixed schedule that initially was created on another unit

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