Version 361

From the release of 361 namespace in regards of integrations will on always return

New features

Selectable start for punched hours Time Tracker

It is now possible to set accrual driver "Punched hours" to start a chosen number of months after the start of the agreement. This in order to comply with In some union agreements that start accruing punched hours after the start of the agreement.

= is the definition to use start date same as agreement startdate

Notification on task assignment and changes

Employee now receives a notification when a task is assigned, updated or deleted on an assigned shift. For this to be triggered the following conditions must be set

  • Agreement settings “Allow punching on tasks” - on
  • Schedule must be published
  • Unit configuration - Messages tab “Notify new shift”, “Notify shift deleted” and “Notify shift changes” must be selected respectively.
Read more about Quinyx agreement settings here

API / Web Service updates

wsdlgetPayRollV2 : return tag content

wsdlUpdateAgreementsV2 : validationErrors if DateTime was used in EmploymentRates fromDate

wsdlUpdateShiftTypes have been updated with multiple optional parameters

  • isActive
  • UT cost fields 1-8
  • skills array set as optional
  • SharedToAllUnit added

wsdlGetShiftCategories have been updated with responses

  • isActive
  • UT cost fields 1-8
  • skills array (if set)
  • SharedToAllUnit array (if set)
Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Performance improvements in regards to on the fly estimated salary calculations
  • Tags added to salary calculation engine (LABM)
  • America/Halifax timezone added

Bug fixes

  • GetSchedulesV2 now returns data correct when single badge number is sent for inactive employee
  • UpdateAgreementsV2 should not add new lines of employment rates if same data is sent multiple times
  • UpdateAgreementsV2, now sets expiry +1 year if expires = 0
  • Reports&Statistics: Fix to Salary Details report in regards to sum of salary types per shifttypes after breaks
  • Correction to specific absences not visible in Schedule/Scheduled Staff/Time
  • Fix to forecast view when clicking on daily numbers multiple times without changing data caused application error
  • Fix to reminders so that they take into account for day count calculation of absences in correlation to occurrences
  • Correction to cost report using the wrong manual salary types when generated from a rule
  • UpdateAgreementV2, now sets expiry +1 year if expires = 0
  • Correction to original shift not possible to select select in webpunch when using modify
  • Fix to reports in regards to be opened in excel with Chinese languages
  • Fix to reminders in regards to messages with Chinese languages

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