Version 355

New features

Possibility to calculate "karensavdrag" for 0% employed employees

This is mostly a Swedish legal requirement.

There is now functionality for calculating "karensavdrag" for employees with 0% employment rate over a definable period of time.

This is defined on the agreement template from Time Agreement templates → Chosen template → Agreement details and should only be defined

This calculation will then be used fo "Account for employment level" when creating/updating a salarytype row in a leave type. Tables Leave types → Chosen leave type → Create/Update salarytype row

The time period calculated in regards to X weeks back in time is defined as follow : If the first day of week is set to Monday and the absence is on a Wednesday and the setting in the agreement is to count 4 weeks back in time. We go back to the closest Sunday to use as end date and the begin date will be the Monday 4 weeks back in time. We then count the worked hours during the 4 weeks. Example could be 100 hours. We then divide 100/4 to get the avg worked hours per week (= 25). And then we get the 20% of 25 to know the nr of hours for max hours, in this case 5 hours.

Read more about Reasons for absence and settings here

API / Web Service updates

No changes or updates to the API / Web Service

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Added logging to how a shift was assigned to an employee. This is visible under Schedule Logs in the far right column
  • Visma Agda payroll file now includes minustime transactions. It will be in the file but NOT as a negative value

Bug fixes

  • Fix to issue of Time Tracker vacation accruals not deducting correctly when new agreement start date 2019-01-01 (and old agreement ending 2018-12-31)

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