Quinyx WFM Classic v367

Updated durch Leigh Hutchens

Important Update

As part of our quest to improve quality and deliver value to our customers and users, Quinyx WFM Classic will move from 3 week release cycles to 2 week release cycles from January 2020 forward. There are multiple reasons for this change:

  • Shorter time between identification and correction of bugs
  • Fewer changes with each release, decreasing the risk of bugs
  • Faster and more frequent delivery of new features and improvements
  • New functionality available in Neo, Classic, and Mobile at the same time

For you as a customer, this means that you will have one day less to familiarise yourself with new functionality on RC. However, the benefit is that with shorter release cycles, each release will contain fewer changes, so there won’t be as much to try out in each release.

API / Web Service updates

wsdlUpdateShifts : extSectionId is added as valid input in the request

wsdlGetSchedulesV2 : includeTags is added as valid input in the request and will return tags in response

wsdlInitiateTransferToPayroll : lockSalaryPeriod added as valid input in the request

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

Bug fixes

  • Correction to schedule period report showing wrong hours if agreement daybreak was different than from template daybreak
  • Correction to wsdlPunch not rounding correctly on action = 2 - Punch out
  • Correction to Qmail preferred language setting is lost on API updates of Employees

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