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This article relates to Classic.

It is possible to import multiple employees simultaneously instead of adding them one at a time. Staff data should compiled in an excel spreadsheet according to a template provided by Quinyx. 

You can import staff per unit.

Information that can be imported is for instance:

Employment number, First name and Surname, Email address, Employment date, Tag/Card number, Date of birth, Personal ID Number, Address, Mobile number, Next of kin contact details and Telephone.

  1. Select Unit (note that each unit has to be imported individually)
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click Import Employees
  4. Click Open spreadsheet, select your Excel import file and click open. Employees should then appear in a list in Quinyx.

Only .xls and .csv files can be imported.

You now have to tell Quinyx what information is to go where.

  1. Start by selecting a staff category from the drop-down list.
    You can only import everyone to one staff category, so get into the habit of selecting staff, and then manually change anyone who needs higher access. All staff in the list will also be input as men, so this has to be adjusted manually in the employee card afterwards.
  2. Now link spreadsheet columns to data fields in Quinyx by checking the box and choosing the right column. Example: badge number is in column 1 in the file. Make sure that all columns containing information are matched with data fields and IMP.
  3. Click Import spreadsheet.

The import should now be complete. If any employee already exists in Quinyx, a warning will be displayed. Go to an employee card and verify that the information has ended up in the right fields.

Note that all employees are given the same selected staff category and that all are tagged as gender "other". This can be adjusted manually. Section affiliation is something else that may need to be adjusted manually.

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