Scheduling FAQ

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Q: Is schedule time enumeration (schematidsuppräkning) available in Quinyx?

A: Yes. Read more about the function here.

Q: Can I drag-and-drop in Quinyx?

A: The drag-and-drop functionality has been replaced from previous Quinyx versions with the hand icon. You can copy a shift to your clipboard and then copy or move it. The main benefit of this is it makes copying an item to multiple other days and/or employees a lot faster than using drag-n-drop. 

Q: How do I bulk delete? 

A: Select which dates you want to delete (max 60 days at a time) and select More Options in the top right corner. You can also filter for specific shift types or employees for example, in order to only delete specific items. 

Q: Can I copy and move several shifts at once? 

A: Yes. You can copy and move shifts for an entire period by clicking on the three dots by an employee's name. 

Q: How do I create new shift types?

A: In order to create a new shared/global shift type navigate to Account Settings and Shift types. Select Add.

If a shift type is to be added locally, used only by a specific unit, it should be created under Group Settings.

Q: Can I sort the schedule by shift type?

A: Not currently. You can filter on shift type though. 

Q: Which employees can I schedule?

A: Given that you have the correct permissions set up, you can schedule all employees who are members of a given group and have a valid role, a valid agreement, and a start date of the employment defined. As the scheduler, you also need to be a member of the same group. Read more about scheduling here.

Q: Are all of the hours added together under nominal hours in the schedule, if the employee has several agreements?

A: You are able to see hours per agreement in Quinyx. Use the sorting tool to choose what metrics you wanna see for the employee.  

Q: How do I publish a schedule?

A: In the Schedule view, click on the three dots on the upper-right side of the screen. Then you'll see "Publish schedule". 

Q: What is required to be scheduled?

A: In order to be scheduled in Quinyx, there are a few requirements that need to be met. First, your schedule needs to be published and rolled out by your manager or responsible scheduler in the organization you work for. If you're unable to see your schedule, it's likely because it hasn't been published or rolled out. Additionally, if your schedule is only visible until a specific date, it means that it has only been published until that date. 

Read more about Scheduling and Shift types.

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