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In the Schedule view you can see, for example, shifts and employees. Specify what you would like to see using the date picker and filters (please see separate article about filters).


Scheduled employees are displayed on the left hand side in the schedule view. You’ll find the name and picture of the employee as well as Scheduled hours versus Nominal (contracted) hours per calculation period defined in the employee’s agreement, and the difference between them.

In the example Charlotte is scheduled 48.5 hours in the schedule period, but should be scheduled 40 according to his agreement. Her scheduled hours exceed her nominal hours by 8.5 hours. Kyle is scheduled 20 hours which is in accordance with his agreement. He is scheduled zero hours less than he should be.

Note that the numbers below the profile picture differ between Neo and Classic. In Classic the scheduled hours vs nominal hours are showed based on the selected period. In Neo we show it per calculation period defined in the employee’s agreement.

Unassigned shifts

Unassigned shifts no predefined colour but are shown at the top of the Schedule View. If an unassigned shift is of a Shift type that has a colour, the unassigned shift will be of that colour. 

You can collapse the unassigned shifts row in the Schedule view by clicking on the arrow next to the unassigned shift text in the Schedule view:

How do I assign an unassigned shift to an employee?

  1. Select the unmanned shift to open the "Edit shift" side panel
  2. Click "Assign employee" on the right hand side
  3. Select the employee of your choice
  4. Click "Save"

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