Tags follow up view

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To follow up data and outcome for specific tags, go to Analytics > Tag follow up view.

  1. Click Search
  2. Enter the from-date for the period you want to examine
  3. Select the to-date
  4. Already Select tags
  5. Search for tags using free text search on Tag names
  6. It is possible to select another tag relevant to your search
  7. Click Load when you are done selecting tags
  8. The selected period will show
    1. (9) The list of selected tags
    2. (10) A date range of when tag is valid for, if defined on a tag
    3. (11) Budget in hours for the selected period, if set on a tag
    4. (12) Data, as explained below:

Tags follow-up
  • Column 1 - Scheduled hours and Scheduled vs. budget hours in the selected period.
    • The budget is calculated from the "Period" values for the tag, and the selected date range for the follow-up period.
    • Over-scheduled hours vs. budget hours will show in red.
  • Column 2 and 3 - Out of the scheduled hours, how many are Assigned and how many are unassigned to employees.
  • Column 4 - Punched hours, punched hours vs budgeted hours, and punched hours vs. scheduled hours.
    • Punched hours in excess of budgeted or scheduled hours are displayed in red.
A missing value is displayed with a dash.

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